Fibre Foam - The Alternative Foam

Fiber foam is a thermobonded product that is produced using cotton, polyester and low melt fibers.
The cotton gives the futon the soft and comfortable feel, and the polyester gives that bounce that all your
customers are looking for when they buy a futon, the low melt fiber that when thermobonded keeps
the cotton and polyester fibers fused together. This keeps the Fibre Foam uniform and strong to
withstand today's harsh conditions of everyday customer use.

Cutting Edge Technology

We sent our newest product to an independent laboratory to have the product analyzed, we were happy to get back the reports saying we have produced a Fiber Foam pad 2″ thick with a density of 2.8 and the longevity twice that of our present foam. We have sent samples out to most major bedding companies in this country as well as other countries we supply, the results were an overwhelming reply of satisfaction.

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Fibre Processing Corp has the unique ability to customize any futon to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

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At Fibre Processing Corp we value our relationship with our customers. That’s why we have a number of support programs available, including point of purchase literature, credit terms, and warranty arrangements. For our valued customers, orders are filled quickly. Rush orders and delivery services are available.

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Wow! Fibre Processing really does some great and unique things. It is very evident they take pride in what they do.
Greg Garritani, Futon Connoisseur
Typically a futon is something I make my boyfriend throw out! I could not get over how incredible it felt to sleep on a Fibronaire mattress! I actually prefer it to the bed, can I give 5 stars?
Jaqueline Riordan, Skeptical Girlfriend

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