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How To Care For Your Futon Mattress

  1. Your futon is vacuum-packed for shipping and handling purposes. Please allow 1 or 2 weeks of use for the fiber to fully recover.
  2. Flipping your futon monthly will maintain a uniformly even surface.
  3. Before use, we recommend that you lightly spray your futon with a scotchguard type solution and let dry overnight.
  4. If your futon becomes soiled or stained, use either a mixture of mild laundry detergent and warm water or a dry cleaning spot remover. (It is always best to test on a small, out-of-the-way spot first to make sure your fabric will stay colorfast.)
  5. If your futon becomes matted down over time, set the mattress outside in the sun for about an hour. It should regain loft.

What Our Customers Say

"Wow! Fibre Processing really does some great and unique things. It is very evident they take pride in what they do."

- Greg Garritani, Futon Connoisseur

"Picking up a load . Not to bad they take normal time to load my truck"

- Carlos Trinidad

"Great place to work. USA made, quality futons and bunk mattresses."

- Maria Castiglioni

"Typically a futon is something I make my boyfriend throw out! I could not get over how incredible it felt to sleep on a Fibronaire mattress! I actually prefer it to the bed, can I give 5 stars?"

- Jaqueline Riordan, Skeptical Girlfriend