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Still a Family Owned and Operated Company!

Our History

We started as a cotton batting company in the late 1800. DiOttavio and Sons in Phila PA made superior cotton batting for the mattress and furniture industry when in the day mattresses were mainly made of all cotton, we also produced Upholstery cotton, Polyester, Wool and Kapok.

We take raw material (i.e. cotton) run it through our fine opener which cleans and opens the fibers to prepare for garneting. The garnet machines align the fibers to be cross-lapped and layered into lofty batts of cotton which are than trimmed and cut to size.

Expanded Into Delaware

In 1945 DiOttavio & Son expanded into Wilmington, DE. The new company name of Fibre Processing Corporation was adopted.

Fibre Processing Expands First Building

FIBRE PROCESSING CORP, their second location, branched into futon manufacturing providing futons to the large and small wholesale and retail industry.

Fibre Processing Expands to a Second Building

With rising costs of raw materials for manufacturing. Fibre Processing Corporation decided to make a multi million dollar investment into the future.

Fibre Processing Corporation commissioned a new line that would produce a Fibre Foam product, along with other bonded fiber products. The diversity of our new line allows us to have endless possibilities in height, density and fiber blends, all giving different characteristics in the product.

We sent our newest product to an independent laboratory to have the product analyzed, we were happy to get back the reports saying we have produced a Fiber Foam pad 2″ thick with a density of 2.8 and the longevity twice that of our present foam. We have sent samples out to most major bedding companies in this country as well as other countries we supply, the results were an overwhelming reply of satisfaction.

The Airlay System

In an effort to diversify our product offerings, we started researching the Futon Mattress market. Knowing the company already produced fine quality cotton batting, we incorporated this material as the final protective layer to our newly designed futon mattresses. Our initial prototype mattress series (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), were produced using a combination of cotton and polyurethane foam. Once our new, state-of-the-art, Airlay system was commissioned, we redesigned our next generation futons (Spirit, Liberty, and Freedom) using a combination of cotton and Fibre Foam. The new “Fibre Foam” gave us the flexibility to manufacture a variety of mattress types by simply altering the density of the material. We tirelessly research new production alternatives to continue to manufacture top quality futons at a reasonable price.

What Our Customers Say

"Wow! Fibre Processing really does some great and unique things. It is very evident they take pride in what they do."

- Greg Garritani, Futon Connoisseur

"Picking up a load . Not to bad they take normal time to load my truck"

- Carlos Trinidad

"Great place to work. USA made, quality futons and bunk mattresses."

- Maria Castiglioni

"Typically a futon is something I make my boyfriend throw out! I could not get over how incredible it felt to sleep on a Fibronaire mattress! I actually prefer it to the bed, can I give 5 stars?"

- Jaqueline Riordan, Skeptical Girlfriend