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What Our Products Have To Offer

What Our Products Have To Offer

Fibre Processing offers a variety of color and fabric choices for every mattress style.  Polyester covers are available in Black, Hunter Green, Khaki, Natural, Navy, Red, Royal, and Ruby.  Premium full size mattresses are also available in Microsuede (Khaki and Black) or Plush Corded (Chocolate Brown, Sage, and Gray) fabrics.

In addition, Fibre Processing also manufactures outer covers in both solid and print colors. Available prints include Aztec, Black Moon, Blue Moon, Dragon Fly, Oriental, Royal Moon, and Wildlife.

What Our Customers Say

"Wow! Fibre Processing really does some great and unique things. It is very evident they take pride in what they do."

- Greg Garritani, Futon Connoisseur

"Picking up a load . Not to bad they take normal time to load my truck"

- Carlos Trinidad

"Great place to work. USA made, quality futons and bunk mattresses."

- Maria Castiglioni

"Typically a futon is something I make my boyfriend throw out! I could not get over how incredible it felt to sleep on a Fibronaire mattress! I actually prefer it to the bed, can I give 5 stars?"

- Jaqueline Riordan, Skeptical Girlfriend